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Six Month Smiles in Vancouver & Burnaby, BC

Six Month Smiles Vancouver & Burnaby, BC

For a faster, better smile in Vancouver consider Six Month Braces® with Dr. Steven Tsoung.

This technology fixes crooked and misaligned teeth much faster than conventional orthodontic treatment, giving patients straighter teeth and a more beautiful-looking smile in just six months. With Six Month Braces®, there is no waiting one to three years for traditional braces to shift teeth into place. Patients worrying, “do braces hurt,” should consider Six Month Braces® because, since they do not adjust the bite, they are less likely to create as much discomfort for the patient. This is because Six Month Braces® work on straightening only the teeth and nothing else, making it a viable treatment for adults who have lived with crooked teeth, gaps and spaces for years.

Traditional braces straighten teeth, but they treat the entire mouth and work to correct the patient’s abnormal bite.

Patients who want to a better smile in Vancouver with Six Month Braces® are often looking only to straighten the teeth that show when they smile, namely the front teeth.

With Six Month Braces®, brackets and wires are still used to shift the teeth, but once teeth shift into the desired position, treatment stops. Traditional braces stay on to continue addressing other orthodontic problems.

The wires and brackets used for Six Month Braces® are also discreet. Because they are tooth colored, Six Month Braces® are less visible, making it more discreet for adults to achieve a better smile in Vancouver.

How long does it really take to get a better smile in Vancouver with Six Month Braces®?

The duration of a Six Month Braces® treatment is usually six months, but it can vary. Some patients are enjoying a better smile in Vancouver in even less time, while others may need another month or two.

If you are embarrassed by gaps, spaces and crooked teeth, and worried wondering, “do braces hurt,” Six Month Braces® could be the solution. Call us today to get a better smile in Vancouver with Dr. Tsoung.

Dr. Steven Tsoung, located in Vancouver, BC, is a dentist who serves patients from the Vancouver area. Dr. Tsoung specializes in cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and Invisalign. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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